ECraft has a News Page Now!

ECraft finally has a news page where customers can learn about current events and projects with ECraft. We plan to post pictures and descriptions of current projects. This can be anything from a new home being built to us being featured in a media outlet. We look forward to being able to interact with our customers with the comment section below.

Recently the website has been seeing some updates and changes. We would love to get some opinions on the website as it is now. If you have any ideas please let us know. Please use the contact form on the contact page if you have any ideas. Try to include something related to Website Ideas in your subject so we can find it easier. All of these updates are being done by ZonePCServices.

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One comment on “ECraft has a News Page Now!
  1. Saw the THN episode, and because I live in Forsyth co. I was excited to find contractors, near me, that have experience in building tiny homes. I’m hoping to sell my house this year, and build a house that will be 600 sq ft. Any information or ideas you could send me would be greatly appreciated! Thank you,
    Valarie Jones

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