Ecraft specializes in residential renovations and new construction for the Fulton, Forsyth and Cherokee County areas.

The Ewing family founded the business after witnessing gaps in communication between homeowners or architects and their builder implementation. With on-site design help we are able to bridge the gap between design and construction management in a way that many large corporations and small contractors cannot. Ecraft strives to create a beautiful construction project in a cost-effective and timely manner while also planning for the future by incorporating energy efficient and sustainable products into each home. We provide every homeowner with a design that is both suited to their individual tastes and can also appeal to the masses and add to future home equity.

Ecraft works with you from the start of your design all the way through to the completion of every last detail. We are committed to high standards of quality, integrity, and professionalism every step of the way.

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Experience Custom

Our head builder, Joseph Ewing, is a native of Atlanta growing up in the Virginia Highlands area.

While obtaining his degree at Reinhardt College in North Georgia, he gained detailed construction knowledge and a love of building while working for a custom home builder. After college he began working for one of Atlanta’s premier insurance restoration contractors, polishing his customer service skills and fine tuning his management abilities. He transitioned into new home construction where he gained a reputation for being dependable, detail oriented, and innovative. Over the last 10 years he has closed more than 100 semi-custom homes in the metro area. He brings these talents and knowledge to all of his projects, whether it is new construction or detailed renovations. He works closely with his customers and contractors to see that each project is cohesive from conception to closing.

Q: What is a design-build firm?

A: Joint Venture between General Contractor and Designer. A design-build firm has both parties within the same entity making it much easier for the owner throughout project development.

Top 5 Benefits of having a Design-Build firm:

  1. One Point of Contact

The owner will only have to contact the design builder for any project questions or concerns.

  1. Most Cost Effective

Design builders have access to most recent construction costs so designs are created with the most cost-effective materials and methods.

  1. Construction can begin while design process is still being developed

With this method, construction and design services over lap to enable a faster delivery while allowing the owner to make any last-minute changes before the design is finalized.

  1. Least Risky to the Owner

Only one entity is held accountable if problems occur thus, eliminating owner liability for design and construction issues.

  1. Integrated Services

Combining both design and construction services eliminates conflicts that arise in most areas of project development. All parties are on the same page allowing fast track schedules and on time delivery.