New Construction

At Ecraft, we pride ourselves in making your new home buying experience a positive one. Whether you have your own lot or looking for the perfect lot, have your own house plans or like one of ours or are looking for a move-in ready home, we want you to feel confident on every step of your home buying journey.

Talk to Ecraft

Call, email or set up a person to person meeting to discuss which new home scenario is right for you. We are proud of our custom homes and are eager to share with you the story of Ecraft and our 20+ years of experience of designing and building quality homes.

Finding the Perfect Home

Once you have reviewed our floor plans and/or available lots and we have answered all your questions, it is time to choose your new home. This is when the excitement really begins. Our Ecraft Staff will guide you through the commitment process that will make building your new home a reality. We can also help guide you with securing financing for your new construction.

Experience Custom

Once under contract, it is time to choose your decorator selections that will truly make this home uniquely yours. Ecraft works closely with each customer in making decorator selected decisions such as paints, flooring, countertop, cabinets and exterior color and detail options. For our customers you can be confident that your new custom home will be beautifully outfitted in the newest and best decorator selections inside and out.

Stay Involved

At Ecraft, we want you to stay involved during the construction process of your new home. Our Ecraft Staff is always available to answer questions you may have during the construction process.

Receive Your Keys

Once you are satisfied with your new home, it is time for the final step: the closing.

The final step in your home ownership process is your closing. Upon completion of the closing, we put the keys in your hands and that’s when our house truly becomes your home.

Whether you have your own land already, or you’re looking for land for your house plan – we are here to help. Contact us today to Experience Custom.


The idea of increasing home value through proper renovation techniques has never been more important than it is in today’s competitive market. “Updated kitchens, pretty and functional bathrooms, and classy curb appeal still rank high on the list of renovations that lure homebuyers.” The Best Remodeling Choices for a Soft Housing Market; U.S.News. In addition, increasing energy efficiency can improve not only the expense on utilities, it always makes the home stand out against the competition for the next potential homebuyer.

It is a priority to have a contractor with whom you can communicate with while renovating. To avoid budget overruns and missed deadlines our contractors provide solid home renovation planning, it is equally important to be able to handle small renovations without the benefit of architectural plans. We have experienced project managers and space planners to assist homeowners in having a pleasant experience and final outcome.


  1. Clever space plans and renovation ideas that will make your home more efficient while using the newest and most updated cutting-edge materials.
  2. Regardless of what your style may be, Contemporary, Traditional, Eclectic or Vintage, we meet with each client to gain a better understanding of your vision for your home.
  3. We are in constant contact with our client throughout all stages of the project, by providing upcoming schedules and progress reports.
  4. We can manage every aspect of your renovation, not just carpentry; from design and concept to painting and accessorizing, and everything in between.
  5. Our talented team of subcontractors who show the greatest attention to detail and have worked in the industry with years of history and leading references.

We work closely with several architectural firms who can have plans drafted for any scale renovation.