When someone walks into their house, they should immediately feel excited and relaxed all at the same time.  The entryway is the first impression when someone new comes to visit, or if you’re just getting home from work, so its job is to welcome you back in style.  You deserve it!  Now, let’s design a dream entry way for your home.

  1. Patterned Tile

You’ll want to start here, so that you have a base to work with.  If you already love the flooring you have, a runner rug could be the simple touch you need to make it seem larger by running parallel to the walls.  Or, shop around for a unique tile to brighten the space.  You can also find hardwood chevron bands to keep the modern farmhouse look, all while leading your guests into the main area of the home.  This is the perfect place to splurge on high end flooring.

  1. Shelving & Weather Wear Storage

Depending on the size of your entryway, you can add an armoire for guest coats.  For smaller areas, you can install hooks and shelving for rain boots, book bags, and other miscellaneous items.  This is a great addition that can handle a pop of color.  Sea foam blues, earthy greens, and even mustard yellows compliment this area of your home nicely.   Add unique copper or brass knobs and hooks to the shelving and bring it to life!

  1. Tables & Bench Seats

Add a long wooden table or bench seat to elongate the entry way.  These pieces can both be simple and sturdy.  Decorate the table with only two or three items that welcome you home and tell a little bit about who you are.  The bench seat can be complimented by textured pillows, or a woven basket for a decorative blanket.  If you don’t have the room, a unique antique chair will look great.

  1. Artwork & Mirrors

To visually enhance the size of your entry way, find a mirror that is long in length.  You can have it running vertical or horizontal to make narrow spaces seem larger.  Big pieces of artwork or a round mirror can be hung above the bench seat to add to the contrast or heighten the walls.  I find that original art gives new guests an idea of your family’s personality and what’s to come in your home.

We’re here to help you make your house a home.  If you can see it in your minds eye, Ecraft can help execute the job for you.  Get in touch today!