If you’re looking for ways to save on counter tops, avoid day dreaming about top of the line quartz, marbles, or granites.  There are a few options to keep in mind that allow you to mix it up and save some money on your kitchen and bath remodels.  Even if you do have the budget, be open to going a couple different directions.  It may give you a more unique look!

Leathered Granite

Leathering your current granite counter top is another idea.  This looks best if the granite is a darker color, like pearl black, or a mostly solid lighter color.  Leathered granite is just as durable as sealed granite, and every year or so, you’ll want to bring a professional in to go over it again to get any scratches out.  It’s a subtle change to your space, but brings a soft touch to your kitchen.

Butcher’s block

Butcher block counter tops are ideal for a busy kitchen.  This choice is great for someone who loves to bake and happens to get a little messy.  You can put away the cutting board if you’d like; scratches and dings are no threat to the butcher block.  It adds a little character!  If that’s not your style, you can always sand it down and oil it every couple months to keep it fresh.

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