We earn awards that recognize Ecraft as a leading custom builder in Georgia because we are dedicated to working with our clients to create their homes with intentionality and purpose. We do this by focusing on what is important to them and what truly matters when it comes to their lifestyle. In luxury builds, these useful home features also need to be creative. In this blog post, we explore some of the top inventive and useful home features we have designed and built for past clients to use as inspiration for your space.

The Foodie Loves a Scullery

In today’s digital and fast-paced age, many people do not have time or make time to cook. In those cases, the scullery space can hide the evidence of semi-homemade containers. The Foodie, however, enjoys all facets of the creative chef process. In their kitchen, you will find a well-appointed and positioned Scullery Room where much of the food preparation (and the mess) is located conveniently just around the corner from the primary kitchen. This special space is the cook’s working “studio” where their creativity is paired with function for a seamless and enjoyable meal experience.

The Garage is King for All Auto Enthusiasts

If you’re a car lover or even just enjoy opening a door and walking around your SUV, you’re going to like our larger garage doors and standard “truck size” parking garages with rubber floor finishes. As an enthusiast, a luxury garage can be a dream come true. We regularly incorporate features like wash stations, auto lifts, higher ceilings, plenty of lighting, and custom hard-working cabinets. A porte-cochere can also highlight this gem and be functional. This is more than the run-of-the-mill Midas touch!

Garden Room for a Green Thumb

Dedicated Garden Rooms are all the rage if you have, or envy, a green thumb. With plenty of natural light, high ceilings, custom sinks, and ample storage, this workspace not only supports the back-and-forth of gardening but doubles as a devoted sanctuary to observe, plan, and plant. Much like a hardworking office space, the garden room can incorporate function and aesthetics: reading nooks, grow light fixtures, wash sinks, and drink coolers โ€“ herbal tea, anyone?

Special Spaces for The Littles

Gone are the days of the oversized and disorganized “bonus” rooms. Today, dedicated spaces intended for The Littles are as hardworking, flexible, and unique as the families they are created for. From small to large, tucked away or wide open, special spaces for children make learning, play, and quiet time intentional. Our designers use ambient lighting, secret doors, custom shelving, cozy nooks, and playful finish touches to anchor the look and feel for the children that find purpose in them. 

Party Barn โ€“ The Entertainer

Everyone loves a party, especially The Entertainer, and what’s better than throwing a party? Moving the party out of the house and into its own dedicated space! Overlooking the pool, the pasture, or the backyard, the Party Barn takes on a life of its own. Pull open the glass sliders, turn on the TVs, and let the outside in. This versatile space lets you transform and tailor your event as needed! Add fire bowls, water features, custom bars, and dedicated spaces for all your indoor/outdoor festivities. In the mood to celebrate alone? Party Barns easily double as serene gyms, painting studios, and guest houses.

Animal House โ€“ The Furry Fam

At Ecraft, our furry family members are always part of the planning, and they just roll with it. No objections here. From full-sized working barns to small interior sleep cubbies, food storage, and wash stations, the furry fam enjoys special spaces intended just for them to encourage rest, play, hygiene, and everything in between.

At Ecraft, we understand that every homeowner has unique needs and preferences. That’s why we work closely with our clients to design and build custom homes that reflect their individual style to complement and enhance their lifestyle. 

Whether you’re looking to incorporate one or more of these luxury home features or have something else in mind, we’re here to help you “Experience Custom.”